Genshin Impact: What You Need To Know About Xiao

Xiao is the first Genshin Impact version 1.3 character banner and the second anemo five star. He is a DPS character that uses a polearm quickly to attack his opponents. His unique elemental burst is a way to drain his health and increase his attack power. It’s a fun playstyle. See pensively for get more info.

You can see that Xiao doesn’t like idle conversation. It can be difficult to learn more about this stoic character without pulling him. It’s worth searching for the information as Xiao carries a lot of Liyue’s history with them. Due to his dark past, and connections to constant war, he may be the most heartbreaking character in the game.

Genshin Impact’s most beloved character, Xiao, has many reasons. First, his ultimate makes him a destructive pogostick. Xiao is well-known for trying to maintain a tough exterior while still being a fun character. Xiao can be made to feel more human with a little encouragement and almond tofu. Combining this with the fascinating history of Liyue’s Yaksha makes him an interesting character, especially for Genshin fans.

Xiao is well-known for his tough personality but all those who know him have a good heart. Xiao is extremely protective of the Traveler to the point where they need only to say his name to see him.

He has a special place for Ganyu, and spends time training her. Despite the fact that Xiao seems to have no strong feelings for her, this is a great thing. When asked, he is more than happy to assist Xiangling in her cooking.

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