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  • Do You Need A Car Accident Lawyer?

    Car accidents are more than just physical trauma. They can also be very costly and complicated legal issues. It doesn’t matter if the accident was your fault, it is a smart idea to contact sohovichlaw.com who can guide you through the confusing and sometimes frustrating aftermath of an auto accident.

    What is a car accident lawyer?

    An attorney who assists in resolving legal issues after a car accident is called a car accident lawyer. They inform you about your rights and responsibilities and provide information about personal injury law and claims. Because of the complexity of the matter, a lawyer may be required to represent you in the event of a car accident.

    If you or someone in your car were injured in a car accident, especially if it was a permanent injury, or an injury that results from lost income at work, or time lost at school, a lawyer may be able to help you recover some of the damages.

    If you are involved in a car accident, you should seek the advice of a lawyer.

    oThe accident caused an injury, especially if it was severe like broken bones or other injuries that would require hospitalization.

    The car accident caused a death.

    oThe police report does not accurately reflect the accident and its circumstances, especially if you are found to be at fault.

    oThe accident happened in a construction zone.

    o The car accident involved pedestrians or bystanders.

    Your liability insurance does not cover all damages.

    oYou don’t have insurance.

    Your insurance company may bring their own lawyer. You should seek immediate legal assistance if this happens. It is an emergency.

    An injury is not the only reason you should contact a lawyer following a car accident. A car accident that causes little damage, such as a fender bender, is likely to not require a lawyer. However, a more complex accident with more damage might require the assistance of a lawyer in order to navigate the complicated waters of insurance claims, police reports and liability.