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  • All About Leather Messenger Handbags

    The leather messenger bag are a great option if you’re looking to trade in your attache or briefcase for a fashionable bag. A messenger or courier is a rectangular bag, with a long adjustable shoulder strap.

    The bag sits on the backpack’s back and is carried over one shoulder. This type of bag was used for carrying items since ancient times. These bags were popular among Pony Express riders. Today’s messenger bag style is based upon the same bag used by linemen 60 years ago to carry their tools.

    These fashionable carryalls are very popular in urban areas. They’re used by commuters, students as well, bike messengers and men who need to have a manly purse for bulky items. A messenger bag is comfortable and easy to use while riding. Some bags even come with anchor straps. This makes them less likely not to slip around on your back. This bag is a better option than a traditional backpack in that it can be slid onto the body. The user can then access their contents without taking the bag off.

    Messenger bags come with a variety of materials and are made from many different brands. However, leather messenger bags will last a lifetime. You can find leather bags at as low as $80 or as high as hundreds of dollars. Three hundred fifty dollars is the minimum price for high-quality leather. You should remember that there is four types of leather. What type of leather you choose will impact the quality of your bag as well as how long the leather will last. Full grain leather is obtained from the top portion of the animal’s skin. It has all the grain. It will be marked with subtle marks that reveal the scars or veins of the animal. The top grain is the second-highest type of leather. The genuine leather is considered the third-best, followed by bonded leather which is basically a collection of leather pieces that have been glued together.