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  • Rock Garden Basics

    Many gardeners love the peace and beauty that gardens bring. But if your like me, you don’t have the skill to keep the plants healthy and the weeds under control. I tried my hand planting flowers that required a lot more attention. I then tried rock gardening. This effort was much better but I made mistakes. So I’m going tell you about my mistakes and what I did right. And maybe you’ll have a much easier time keeping your garden fun. Visit fake rock covers before reading this.

    First of all, I was too excited about planting. It has small holes in it, and weeds have made their way through. In the fall you will want to spray weedkiller and then you can do it again in the spring after deciding where you want your rock gardens to be placed.

    I made mine look like it would have a dry riverbed. I used some small, white rocks similar to gravel in Oklahoma. But, any kind of river rock can work. I then tried to grow an indoor plant of cactus. You might have seen them in local shops. They have pretty pink, yellow and red flowery tops. They don’t grow well outside, at all, not for very long. However, I also planted regular, local cactus and they survived winters. They require little to no maintenance. It can often be hot and dry here, with long, hot summers.

    Flowering Moss was another flower I planted. This is a perennial that grows about 3 inches tall in our area. It also comes in a variety colors. It makes a lovely ground cover. You will likely be able to consult your local garden center for information about the best varieties to grow in your region.

    I live in an area of rocky terrain and was able discover many sizes of rock on my property. While most of them are brown, a few were lightened by the sun. If you live somewhere with brown rock, you may be able to paint them white. After collecting all my rocks I planned several areas where my garden would be located. I also planted many different flowers and succulents in the spaces where I’d designated for my dry riverbed. I used black plastic because it was easy to bend in various directions and keep the rocks in place. You will probably find this type of plastic at your local garden center. Remember to weedkill in the fall and again during the spring. This will ensure that you don’t have weeds in your garden when it rains. It was so bad, that I quit trying to grow it.